Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions will apply as soon as a customer decides to go
ahead with any of the services provided by Car Caring Pty Ltd. We advise all our
customers to read all terms and conditions before committing to have their ca
repaired by Car Caring Pty Ltd. Once customers decide to proceed with any of Car
caring Pty Ltd service, he/she agrees with the following terms and conditions
Car Caring Pty Ltd (ACN 627 238 260 and ABN 91 627 238 260) located at Unit 5/9
Meadow Way, Banksmeadow 2019, states that:
*Customer should always be notified what sort of parts are going to be installed to
his car
*When requiring the installation of a part purchased by the customer, in case it’s the
wrong part or it does not suit the car, he/she will be charged a $98+GST (10%) call
out fee.
*When repairing a car on site and the customer is not present when repairing car,
Car Caring Pty Ltd is not responsible for any objects left inside the car.
*We advise all our customers to pay once the job is finished. Failing to do so could
authorise our technician to remove the installed part and carry on with the following
job or service.
*We accept all cards except AMEX
*If customer does not answer door, phone or door bell, our technician will wait for 15
minutes. Failing to do so will authorise our technician to move on to the following
*All customers are being recorded for quality assurance purposes. If you don’t want
to be recorded please notify staff.
*Our technicians are not authorised to move any customers car while repairing cars
on site. If customers insist that our technician needs to move car. Car Caring Pty Ltd
is no longer responsible
*Due to weather, traffic and delays in previous jobs Car Caring Pty Ltd is allowed to
reschedule any job and services.
*Our technicians or staff need to be treated with respect, failing to do so will
authorise Car Caring Pty Ltd to cancel the job at any stage.
*In case a service is not performed perfectly by Car Caring Pty Ltd, we advise all
customers to pay the full amount of the service. Car Caring will come to finish the
service with no extra cost. We as a company understand that it might be for our
customers not pleasant to pay for an unfinished service but customers had
disappear without paying for anything.
Dispute Resolution
*In case of a dispute, caring advises all customers to send email with their complaint.
Car Caring Pty Ltd commits to resolve any dispute within 3 days. Unless, new parts
had to be order and parties are just awaiting for them to arrive.
*If no agreement, customer will be refunded thrirty percent of the total cost of the
service or job
Warranty, Limitation and Liability
*All of our services have 2-year warranty. Unless there is evidence of the part being
smashed or hit against something or with something.
*Customer needs to sent photos of part affected. Car Caring Pty Ltd will determine if
customer will be covered with the warranty
*Customer needs to have a proper invoice or receipt to be eligible for any sort of
*When picking up or dropping off a car, Car Caring Pty Ltd is fully insured. In case of
an accident and Car Caring is at fault, customer will be provide customer all the
guidance and assistance possible.
Personal Information
*All personal information gathered will only be available for Car Caring Pty Ltd inform
all customers about their services.
*When accepting these terms and conditions, authorises Car Caring Pty Ltd to send
email or newsletters informing customers about new services.
*Information such as VIN number will be deleted once job or service is terminated.