Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a spare part without being installed


Unfortunately that’s not the way we operate. The company’s policy is to sell all spare parts with the installation included. 

If for any reason my spare part breaks down days later after it was installed, would I have any kind of guarantee from Car Caring?


Give us a call and let us know what happen. Based on the evidence of the damage we will decide if there’s any guarantee for this issue. Bear in mind that conditions may apply.

Can I pay with any kind of card?


Sure, the only thing you should take into account is that extra charges may apply depending on the card you are paying with.

Would I be charged for the delivery of my spare part?


You will not be charged, the customer is only going to be charged for the installation of their spare part. So no extra costs will apply.

If I don’t know exactly which part is the broken one, how would Car Caring know which part I need?


The first step is to give us a call. If for any reason with the instructions you are providing us we still don’t know what your problem is, we are going to ask you for some photos for us to know precisely what’s wrong with your vehicle.

Do I need to be at the site when Car Caring comes to assist me?


For obvious reasons is better for you to be there when our personnel is working on your vehicle. If for any reason you are not there, make sure you give us the exact instructions for us to know how to proceed when we get there.

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