Rear view mirrors are crucial instruments for drivers to use their car in an adequate way.

Not having mirrors in fair conditions, could put yourself and others at risk.


In case your mirror is smashed or broken, and you have to decide which mirror to purchase, lets first understand the difference between the two different types of mirrors. Convex mirrors are slightly curved, and it allows the driver to have a greater angular visibility to the sides.

While flat mirrors, have one lane of traffic visibility to the sides. Also, convex mirrors

reflect vehicles that are adjacent to your own vehicle (what is commonly known as blind

spots), a feat a flat mirror cannot do.


Before 2005, most brands were fitting flat mirrors on the driver side and convex mirrors on the passenger side. After 2005, most brands were fitting convex mirrors on both sides. Most of the convex mirrors may say at the bottom “objects may be closer than they appear”, although this is not mandatory characteristic for all convex mirrors. The previous statement ratifies why flat mirrors are considered to reflect a true image of the space around you, making it difficult for people to adapt to convex.


However, our advice is to install the same mirror you had before in order to maintain the same perspective you had. It has happened to us as a business, that customers decide to go ahead with the flat mirror because it is their cheapest option, without listening to the technician instructions. One or two days later, they were calling Car Caring Pty Ltd asking if we could replace the mirror. We did help them out, but we had to charge them the full amount again. Causing a lot of frustration to them. Since flat glass are easier to produce than convex glass, they are usually cheaper to replace than convex mirror. Evidencing a price difference between them. If you are being charged the same for both mirrors, they might be taking advantage of the low costs of the flat mirror, and making good money based on your inexperience. Please bear in mind this.


Where can I get the change between convex and flat mirrors done?


There are two different ways to replace the mirrors on your car. You can either order the

parts and do it yourself. Or called Car caring Pty Ltd, who is a company that have been

helping Australian families for the past 6 years. If you do it yourself, make sure that you

know what you are doing. Otherwise, the mirror could fall and break or you can even

break the mirror trying to install it. If that happens, you going to end up spending more

money that you were expecting. In other words, leave it to the experts.