Having a good stereo car is very important for a happy trip, a short one to work or a longer one on vacation. Who doesn’t like to drive while listening to their favorite music?

This is why many people have a desire or need to improve the sound systems of their cars and for this, the fundamental piece is: choosing the right stereo car.


Why is it so important to choose the right car stereo? 


Because it will determine the installation and the final quality of our audio equipment. The car stereo is in charge of reproducing the music and directing it to the other components of the audio system such as the amplifier and the speakers.


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To choose the car stereo for your car you must take into account your budget. 


In the market there is a great variety of car stereos, for example recognized brands such as Pioneer, Kenwood and Sony to name a few. All have their economic versions and also the expensive ones.

But remember, if you want to have a good audio quality, you should invest in a good stereo car, here are some recommendations, so you can decide how much budget you assign to this project. 


Your needs: why do you want a car stereo? 


    • Just to listen to music in your day to day in a low volume
    • You like to turn up the volume and enjoy music more intensely
    • You definitely want to stand out with your entire audio system

If you consider that you will give it a basic use, you will know that you do not need to buy a very expensive stereo car; but if you identify with the third option, you should prepare a good budget, not only for the car stereo but also for the other components of the audio system.


What do you use to play the audio?


Bluetooth, Ipod, Cd, Cellular. Being clear about this will help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

It does not make sense to buy the car stereo with multiple options to connect your devices, if you really know that you are only going to use one of them, for example only the CD or only the USB cable.


What space does your car have for the car stereo?


Depending on how the dashboard of your car is, your car stereo can be single DIN or double DIN. There is also the possibility to customize your car stereo to fit what you like.

It does not mean that the double DIN is better than the single or that the most recommended is to personalize your car stereo. Everything depends on what do you want . With all three options you can get an excellent audio system.

And what do you need?

  • A DIN single.
  • A double DIN.
  • Or you want to customize your car stereo.


 What is your style and the style of your car?


This will help you avoid, for example, buying a stereo car with a very striking design that does not fit with the aesthetics of your car or with your personality and vice versa.


Choose a simple interface


This factor is important. The car stereo must be very easy to handle, it should not take away much attention from you, remember that you are driving and the best thing is not to have distractions.

One way to make sure that you are choosing a stereo car with a friendly and simple interface, is to go to stores, warehouses or shopping centers where you can test them and compare with others of different brands.

Bearing in mind the above, it is time for you to know some of the basic characteristics that you must take into account when buying your stereo car:


RCA inputs:


Two inputs: it is the simplest car stereo and therefore cheaper

Two pairs of RCA outputs: better sound can be obtained

Three pairs of RCA outputs: allows you to have a more complex sound system.





We recommend that the pre-amplified output be at least 2 volts. Four is a very good option.





The greater the number of bands, the greater the number of frequencies that you will be able to control and this way you can obtain the most accurate audio. You can choose from 3, 5, 7, 9 bands according to your need.





Many clients come to us looking for stereos with a multimedia screen. Whether or not to include it in your audio system is your decision, with this screen you can have a more complete entertainment center by being able to place videos and additionally, you can take advantage of the screen to see the GPS navigator, the parking cameras, or the front cameras.



Where can I buy the car stereo (AUSTRALIA)


As we mentioned at the beginning, in the market there are multiple brands of stereos; as well as many places to buy them.

If you are in Sydney and, soon, in Melbourne we invite you to buy your stereo car or any other part for your car with us , why do it?

Because we handle all the brands of car stereo, we guarantee the lowest prices, we carry out the installation and the best, you do not have to move, we go to you and install it on site.

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How to install my car stereo 


Of course you can install it yourself, but that implies two aspects that we are sure are important to you:

  • It can take a long time, which you could be investing in working or being with your family
  • Not having the knowledge and experience, you can damage or do a bad procedure in your car and that is not what you want right?

Leave this work to the experts, here we can give you a free and fast quote  so you can enjoy the music in your car.